Wednesday         3rd                                                     Jason Tune

Sunday                 7th                                                     Gerald O,Hara and Eric Cargill

Wednesday         10th                                                    Margret Pearson

Sunday                14th                                                    Karen Boulton

Wednesday        17th                                                     Darren Woodward

Sunday               21st                                                      Elaine and Ken Hakin

Wednesday       24th                                                     June Jardine and Fledglings

Sunday              28th                                                      Gillian Gilbert

Wednesday       31st                                                       Jean Crilly


Sunday               4th                                                         Marilyn Oarkin

Wednesday       7th                                                          Adrian Clark

Sunday              11th                                                         Shoron Fenton

Wednesday       14th                                                        David Russell

Sunday               18th                                                        Laura Barma

Wednesday       21st                                                        Phil Robinson

 Sunday             25th                                                        Angela Raisen

Wednesday       28th                                                        Susan Ashton and Norma





Sunday                      2nd                                                   Jo Nettleton 

Wednesday              5th                                                   David Pinch

Sunday                      9th                                                   Pietro Politano

Wednesday             12th                                                   Michael Hardy

Sunday                     16th                                                  Pat Campbell CAROL SERVICE

Wednesday             19th                                                   Debbie Buckland and fay Bunting

Sunday                    23rd                                                  Della Caster  and Fledglings

Wednesday             26th                                                  Closed

Sunday                    30th                                                 


*************** Specials ****************

Friday26th October

Ann Anderson

Friday November 30th

Chris Drew

 Sunday 16th December
Carol service



The Wednesday Demonstrations of Mediumship are     £1-50 this Includes a cuppa and a Biscuits







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