Wednesday         2nd                                                     Andrea Watkins and Fledglings

Sunday                 6th                                                     Susan Dilks

Wednesday         9th                                                     Anne Knight

Sunday                13th                                                    Laura Barma

Wednesday        16th                                                     June Jardine

Sunday               20th                                                     Darren Woodward

Wednesday       23rd                                                     June Hughes

Sunday              27th                                                      Nicholas Page

Wednesday       30th                                                     Jean Walker and Valerie


Sunday               3rd                                                         Pietro Politano 

Wednesday       6th                                                          Veronica Extance

Sunday              10th                                                        Anna Moulton

Wednesday       13th                                                        June and David Russell

Sunday               17th                                                        Ian Nixon

Wednesday       20th                                                       David Pinch

 Sunday             24th                                                        Gail Whittaker

Wednesday       27th                                                        Angela Cockerill and Fledglings





Sunday                     1st                                                     Andrew Farrer    

Wednesday              4th                                                   Carol Dooler and Fledglings

Sunday                      8th                                                   Julian Lacey

Wednesday             11th                                                   Claire Powell - Pepper

Sunday                     15th                                                  Pearl Wilson

Wednesday             18th                                                   Members Week

Sunday                    22nd                                                  Andrew Solecki and Grace Rose

Wednesday             25th                                                  Paul Richmond

Sunday                    29th                                                   Andrea Abbott


Wednesday         1st                                                     Annette Lake

Sunday                 5th                                                    Christine Stewart

Wednesday         8th                                                     Susan Ellis

Sunday                12th                                                    Liz Billingham

Wednesday        15th                                                     Phil Robertson

Sunday               19th                                                     Sue Smith and Tracy Chapman

Wednesday       22nd                                                     Jill Baraclough

Sunday              26th                                                      Susan Ashton and Norma

Wednesday       29th                                                     Beverley Barlow


Sunday               2nd                                                          Diane York and Marlene Lacey  

Wednesday       5th                                                            Tara Rice

Sunday              9th                                                             Denise Brealey - Blood

Wednesday       12th                                                           Maria Davey

Sunday               16th                                                           Michael Fenn

Wednesday       19th                                                            Anne Knight

 Sunday             23rd                                                            Annie Bannerjee

Wednesday       26th                                                            Heidi Cooke

Sunday               30th                                                           Linda Shepherd


*************** Specials ****************



29th June

Pie and Pea Supper

July 16th

Members week

Monday 16th Pauline Silver (Photos)

Tuesday 17th Barry Potter (Trance ) Members Only

Wednesday 18th Sharon Sinclair (Flowers)

Thursday 19th Pat Campbell (Music)

Friday 20th Joanne Czarsar (Tea Leaves)

Saturday 21st Nicola Tonsager (symbology)


Friday 17th Stephen Holbrook


Friday 28th Gail Bittner



The Wednesday Demonstrations of Mediumship are     £1-50 this Includes a cuppa and a Biscuits







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